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Yarnworker Accessories + Sett Checker + Old School Logo Bag Bundle

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I found a few accessory bags stamped with the old school Yarnworker logo. I bundled together swatching accessories, plus a sett checker for 10% off.

There are only five bundles available. 

Included in this collection:


Quickly compare a yarn in three different setts side-by-side. Setts of 8, 10, and 12, and their metric equivalents, are the most common setts used on the rigid-heddle loom.

Sett Checker Features

  • Made of ⅛'' maple wood
  • Measures approximately 5'' x 1''. A short 3'' ruler etched on the side gives you a flat edge to check your picks per inch on and off the loom
  • Options include engraved with the either the Yarnworker logo or the Weave, Repeat.

To take a deep dive into the sett checker and how to use it, check out this blog post.

Sett Checker Features


This mini version of our stick shuttle is great for smaller swatches. Shuttles are used to keep your weft yarn compact and tidy while weaving. 

Shuttle Features

  • Constructed from maple wood.
  • Measures about 5 1/2'' long from tip to tip  with a 4 1/2'' long winding area, 3/4'' high, and 1/8'’ wide 
  • Engraved with Yarnworker logo


A perfectly sized pick-up stick for use with the Swatch Maker Loom. These little stick quickly becomes an invaluable weaving tool. You can use it to pick up your yarns, then tip the stick on its edge to create a shed sized for to maximize efficiency when weaving on this loom. Use the beveled edge to press the pick evenly into place. 

Pick-Up Stick Features

  • Constructed from maple wood.
  • Measures about 7 ¾'' long from tip to tip, ½'' high, and 1/8'' wide.
  • Sanded on one end and one edge to create a slight beveling, making it easier to pick up your warp yarns and press the weft into place. The unleveled edge helps the stick stay in place when engage
  • Engraved with the Yarnworker logo


This adorably-sized comb will come in handy in all sorts of weaving situations. Wide combs produce straighter fell lines—the last placed pick—than narrow forks, they are easy to maneuver between picks if you need to make adjustment, and they provide a gentel tool for tidying fringe before finishing or trimming. 

Comb Features

  • Constructed from Maple wood
  • Measures about 3'' long, 1 ½'’ high at its tallest point, and 1/8'' wide
  • Rounded teeth are spaced about 1/8’' apart
  • Engraved with Yarnworker logo


A smaller version of the Yarnworker Project Bag. 

Bag Features

  • Measures 5.25’’ by 7.75’’
  • Hand Stamped with Yarnworker's Old Logo 
  • Double drawstring closure