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Yarnworker School

Loom Constructed Crossbody Bag: Fall 2020 Weave-Along

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The weave-alongs are free events hosted three or four times a year at the Yarnworker School and supported by the Yarnworker Patreon community. There is no cost while they are active. The weave-along patterns are offered on a pay what you wish bases with a suggested price listed above. 

About This Weave-Along

During the Fall 2020 Weave-Along, we'll explore tubular doubleweave. Doubleweave is a powerful structure. You can weave two layers of fabric connected at one selvedge to create a cloth twice its woven width, you can connect both selvedges to weave a tube, weave the layers separately, or exchange the layers for a variety of colorwork.

Join me as we explore the wonders of this weave to form a bag right on the loom. This pattern also includes a single heddle option that, while not double cloth, allows anyone to join in, weave a bag, and tackle a number of interesting finishing and strap options.

To keep the barriers to participation as low as possible. I’m offering the pattern with a name-your-price option, with a minimum price of $2 and a suggested price of $7. The pattern is free for Patrons of the Yarnworker School. There is no charge for the weave-along itself due to the generous support of the Yarnworker Patron Community. Sales support the Yarnworker School and future weave-alongs.


The pattern calls for a rigid-heddle loom with at least an 8″ (20.5 cm) weaving width and a double heddle block*, two 8 or 7.5 dent heddles, two stick shuttles, and two 10” pick-up sticks. Optional: belt shuttle for tubular woven bag.

*I’ll share a couple of tips for hacking your loom to accommodate two heddles if you loom doesn’t have an integrated double heddle block. I can’t guarantee it will work on all loom types, but it can give you some ideas on how to give it a try. This project is really small so it is a good way to test out the capacity of your loom.


You will need about 175 yds of warp. Optimally, the warp should be smooth, well-plied, cellulose or rayon yarn. Doubleweave is a really dense warp and sticky warps are a bummer. The yarn I’m using has long color repeats that create a self-striping warp.

You need about 75 yds of weft. The weft materials can be any coordinating yarn in a similar size.

The project is shown in:

Warp: Ty-Dy from Knit One, Crochet Too; 196 yd/3 oz (100 g) ball; 100% cotton, worsted weight; 896 yd/lb; shown in Magenta Moss (#547).

Weft: Second Time Cotton from Knit One, Crochet Too; 180 yd/3. oz (100 g) ball; 75% cotton, 25% acrylic, worsted weight; 823 yd/lb; shown in Brick (#478). (Note the plain weave version will only use the Ty-Dy yarn.)

Optional: 3 yds leather or faux suede cord. You can find this among the beading supplies in the craft aisle of many big box stores or online.  Here is an example.