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  • pick-up stick inserted into a warp
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Yarnworker School

Pick-Up Stick

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A perfectly sized pick-up stick for use with the Swatch Maker Loom. These little stick quickly becomes an invaluable weaving tool. You can use it to pick up your yarns, then tip the stick on its edge to create a shed sized for to maximize efficiency when weaving on this loom. Use the beveled edge to press the pick evenly into place. 

Pick-Up Stick Features

  • Constructed from maple wood.
  • Measures about 7 ¾'' long from tip to tip, ½'' high, and 1/8'' wide.
  • Sanded on one end and one edge to create a slight beveling, making it easier to pick up your warp yarns and press the weft into place. The unleveled edge helps the stick stay in place when engage
  • Yarnworker is engraved on one side

Swatch Maker Looms were created as a collaboration between Liz Gipson of Yarnworker and Angela Smith, formerly of Purl & Loop. All components (wood, needles, cotton bag project bag, instructions, etc.) are sourced from U.S. businesses and produced and assembled in the U.S. The looms and tools are packaged in recycled or recyclable materials. 

Due to manufacturing constrains supplies may be limited. I ship via USPS and do my best to timely get the products out the door. Please understand that there are a lot of shipping disruptions and constraints and there may be some delays that are out of my control. Shipping outside of the U.S. may be problematic and the costs are out of my control. Please feel free to reach out with questions.