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Handwoven Home by Liz Gipson

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Weaving Techniques, Tips, and Projects for the Rigid-Heddle Loom.

Home is where my handwoven heart is. In my new book, I set out to share the know-how it takes to weave for your home, including yarn selection, tips and techniques, and tons of finishing and project inspiration. Included are over 20 projects including hand towels, fingertip towels, bread cloths, face cloths, placemats, napkins, runners, pillows, curtains, rugs, blankets, and more! As a follow-up to my first book, Weaving Made Easy, it is full of the next-step information that will help you take your weaving to another level.

Weaving is particularly suited for the home. Looms produce long, rectangular objects perfect for making all your home textiles. Once you have the loom set up—and the rigid-heddle loom is easy to set up—producing multiples of a project is relatively simple.

Your projects practically come off the loom as finished objects that need only your finishing touch. How elaborate the finishing is up to you. Simple hemstitching requires no additional work, or you can enhance your textiles with elaborate knotting that no machine can do. Using two heddles, you can create pillows that only need to be seamed on one end, or throws and tablecloths that are twice as wide as your loom.

The book does contain a few errors, which I deeply regret. You can find a list of them here.

It is my supreme pleasure to introduce to you the deep satisfaction of weaving for your home. Each book is signed by me with the wish that this book will serve as your guide for creating textiles that you can live with for a lifetime.