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  • Stole color-and-weave twill in Ode draped on a chair.
  • Green color-and-weave twill scarf draped on a stool.
  • Dana wearing the green color-and-weave scarf outside leaning against a building.
  • Marrianna wearing black and white color-and-weave stole  outside with a slight breeze.
  • Wendy wearing the a blue and gray scarflet wrapped around the neck and tied loosely at the neck.
  • An Ashford loom warped with black and white yarns with Heddle 2 up.
  • Black and white color and weave on the loom
  • Single heddle variation warped with a pick-up stick and heddle rod on a Kromski  Presto.
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Yarnworker School

Color and Weave Twill: Winter 2022 Weave-Along

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The weave-alongs are free events hosted three or four times a year at the Yarnworker School and supported by the Yarnworker Patreon community. There is no cost to register while they are active.

The 22 page pattern includes three differently-sized wraps; tips for selecting yarn, sett, color; a single heddle option using the direct warping method and a double heddle version using the indirect warping warping, and weaving instructions.

All funds collected from the sales of this pattern February 2-March 9 were donated to the American and International Red Cross. Thanks to your participation we raised $2,000 for ongoing pandemic relief, domestic natural disaster response, and global emergency assistance.

About This Weave-Along

Twill is beloved for its many creative possibilities and utility. It creates a dense, yet supple, fabric with fabulous drape.  

During the winter weave-along, we will tackle a 1/2 twill, adding light and dark yarns to create various color-and-weave effects. You can choose from one or two heddle options and I’ll demonstrate the technique using two different fibers—bouncy Merino or sleek Alpaca—from two of my favorite yarn sellers. 

This 3-shed twill is a particularly versatile structure for rigid-heddle weavers and allows us to explore a threading we haven’t tackled in a weave-along before, adding color into the mix. Weave with one color or two to create six different looks in a single garment. Three differently sized options are available in the pattern—a scarflet, scarf, or stole. Once you unlock the method to weaving this structure it is easily adapted to all sort of projects from towels to table runners and beyond!

Click here to learn more about the weave-along.

For a list of pattern corrections and clarifications, click here. If you purchase the pattern after March 24, 2022 these corrections have been added to the pattern.


February 2: Registration Opens and Pattern is Available on a pay-what-you-wish basis. Pattern is free for Patrons. Registration information will include an introduction to the project, structure, and how the weave-along works.

February 16: Warping Week

February 23: Weaving Week

March 2: Finishing Week

March 9: Celebrate!

The weave-along videos is open for registration at no cost until we start another weave-along. After the free term is over, there is a fee assigned to continue to access the information. Patrons have access to all previous weave-alongs and enjoy other benefits for supporting the school. 

Heddles Up!