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  • A handy tool to keep close at hand. With a sett of 10 ends-per-inch you can give any yarn, anywhere a quick sett check.
  • Check your sett anywhere with this little Yarnworker sett checker.
  • The Yarnworker Sett Checker key chain has a smooth back logo-free backing that allows you to quickly wrap any yarn and take a look at its character and guesstimate its sett.
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Yarnworker School

Yarnworker Key Chain

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Take a little loom with you wherever you go.


Take a little loom with you wherever you go. This tiny light-weight, wooden keychain proclaims you are a yarnworker. Made of ⅛'' unfinished birch wood and measures approximately 1⅜'' x 1'' with a sett of 10 ends per inch. Use it to make a quick yarn wrap to get a sense of the character and sett of any yarn when you are on the go.