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Jumbo Comb

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I found a few of these super-sized version of the mini comb. These are 1'' wider than the mini combs, a bit taller, and have wider spaced teeth. Once they are gone, I don't plan on restocking this size.

Combs come in handy in all sorts of weaving situations. Combs produce straighter fell lines—the last placed pick—than narrow forks, they are easy to maneuver between picks if you need to make adjustment, and they provide a gentel tool for tidying fringe before finishing or trimming. 

Comb Features

  • Constructed from Maple wood
  • Measures 4'' long, 2'’ high at its tallest point, and 1/8'' wide
  • Rounded teeth are spaced about 1/4'' apart
  • Engraved with Heddles Up!